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What's the OS of StorageWork Management Appliance?

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Lee Joon Moon
Occasional Advisor

What's the OS of StorageWork Management Appliance?

Hello Everyone.

I'm very curios about this.
What's the OS of StorageWork Management Appliance? I couldn't find the infomation of SWMA's Operation System.
Just, Appliance is DL380 and includes commnad view of EVA.

If you know the OS of Storage Appliance, which is EV, please let me know.

Thank you.
Have a nice day everyone!!!
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: What's the OS of StorageWork Management Appliance?

The base operating system of the Storage Management Appliance (SMA) is a stripped-down version of Windows 2000 Advanced Server. On older releases it was called something like 'Windows 2000 for Storage Controllers' or so - I don't have the license paper handy, sorry. On top of it runs a framework that used to be called "Open SAN Manager" (OSM).

There are three generations of the SMA: I, II, III. Generations I and II are based on different generations of the DL380 servers, gen. III is based on a DL360 server.

Since November 2003 only an old version of command view EVA (CV-EVA) is included due to historical reasons. Current EVA systems with VCS V3.010 firmware require the update to the Storage Operations Manager (SOM). One part of SOM is CV-EVA V3.1.

Have a nice day, too.