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Why does's HORCM uses udp ports

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Why does's HORCM uses udp ports

Good day,

Security asks me that question about why RaidManager (HORCM) uses udp ports ?

What communications goes through those ports ?
Why are they necessary

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Re: Why does's HORCM uses udp ports

each execucion of Raid Manager is called the instance. They are local or remote. Local instance links to remote instances by using UDP socket services. It is defined in the HORCM_INST section of an instance config file.
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Re: Why does's HORCM uses udp ports

Tks for this fast replie,

As I understand (having found some documentation on internet) that those ports are used for moninoting purposes only.

Security is concerned about the possibility to 'hack' via those ports and do possible damages.

What is your opinion ?

Greg Vaidman
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Re: Why does's HORCM uses udp ports

You need these ports available for Business Copy and/or Continuous Access to work.

If your security team insists, you can configure a firewall setting to limit access to these ports to come from only the remote BC/CA HORCM instance.

To shut it down entirely would break BC/CA.

Note that RAID Manager already limits actions that can be performed by connecting to these ports to the remote HORCM instance, based on the configuration file - see page 63 of the RAID Manager XP user guide at http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01634012/c01634012.pdf