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Win2K Server Raid 0 problem

Gregg Lester
Occasional Contributor

Win2K Server Raid 0 problem

First off, sorry for the lengthy and somewhat confusing question.
OS: Windows 2000 Server SP3
Compaq Proliant Server

2 drives in SCSI Raid0 (mirrored array)

Drive 0: Vol C and Vol D (Healthy)
Drive 1: Vol C and Vol D (Bad Blocks) - Mirrored

An over zealous Technician, breaks the Mirrors, leaving the following;
Drive 0: Volume C and Volume F
Drive 1: Volume E and Volume D
He then fits a replacement drive (Identical specs to existing drives), into the server as Drive 2 and makes it dynamic.

In an attempt to resolve his mistake;
Mirrors Volume D(the old failing drive 1) to Drive 2.
Breaks Mirror, so that the new drive has volume D
Deletes Vol F.
Removes the failing Drive 1

leaving the following
Drive 0: Vol C and Unallocated
Drive 1: Vol D and Unallocated (new drive)

At this stage it was handed over to me, to resolve.

I am unable to "Add Mirror" to either Vol C or Vol D (greyed out). I want to restore the drives to their original configuration of.
Drive 0: Vol C and Vol D
Drive 1: Vol C and Vol D (mirror)

The unallocated space shows in Disk Management as being of the correct size.

It is software Raid.

The server is functioning, no data has been lost, just unable to re-implement the Raid 0.

I can create new volumes in the 'Unallocated' space and mirror them, without any problems.

Thanks in advance.

Life is easy.... till a server goes down
Occasional Visitor

Re: Win2K Server Raid 0 problem

Make sure both disks are Dynamic.

Create a Vol on drive 0 using the unallocated space and copy data from drive 1 Vol D onto it. Delete Vol D on disk 1.
Now you should be able to right click on C: and create mirror and do the same with the new Vol on Disk 0.
You may need to change the drive letter of you new volume back to D:

For info: Raid 0 is a stripeset. eg 9gb+9gb=18gb Vol
Raid 1 is a mirrorset.
eg 9gb+9gb=9gb Vol.

Make sure you backup your data.
Gregg Lester
Occasional Contributor

Re: Win2K Server Raid 0 problem

I am able to create volumes in the unallocated space, but they are unusable. No drive letters show up in explorer, and when I right click on the volume in Drive manager, I get a message "the system is unable to find the specified device"

any further thoughts?

Life is easy.... till a server goes down