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Windows 2008 MPIO for Libraries

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Windows 2008 MPIO for Libraries

We have Windows 2008 Server connected to EVA, Installed Multipath HP MPIO full featured DSM for EVA 4X00/6X00/8X00 family and EVA configured. I can see the volumes from EVA and its working.

The problem is i have 3 SAN Tape Library (MSL 2024) also in the SAN, on windows 2008 machines i am seeing 6 Medium changer and 6 Drives. It should be 3 only, seems multi path is not working for the libraries. How can i make it working, can anyone help me?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Windows 2008 MPIO for Libraries

There is no MPIO for tapes drives as some I/O operations cannot be reliably retried in such an environment. You should use only one FC port on the MSL2024.