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Windows EVA disks going offline

Regular Advisor

Windows EVA disks going offline

I have a number of windows 2003 server connected, via a brocade SAN, to an eva8100. The servers all boot from internal disk and have 2 Vdisks on the EVA. On one of the servers, everytime it is rebooted the SAN disks are marked off line and cannot be reactivited. The disk are dynamic disk and if converted to Basic they come online ( but need to be formated). If both paths are disconnected from the SAN switches and the disks rescaned (they are nolonger found) and then reconnected and rescaned they reappear online and all is well untill the server is rebooded.
All servers are Dell 1950 with HP1142SR PCI-E HBA's, Windows 2003 R2 SP2, MPIO 3.0, driver version STOR Miniport
Any ideas waould be usefull.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Windows EVA disks going offline

Please check below

1. Windows event logs if there is something wrong with driver or OS.

2. Check Switch logs if there is any error related to the connectivity.

3. Check Controller Events logs for the particular disk group and LUN.

4. Try replacing HBA and FC cable .

If does not work, log a case with service provider. You might need to open three different cases for Windows (Microsoft), server(Dell)and HP.