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Windows mount point sizes on XP24K

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Windows mount point sizes on XP24K

Hello, all

I have been tasked with creating mount points for our Windows 2003/2008 servers (in addition to regular storage volumes). The Windows team originally wanted 1GB volume size but I've been bedating that mount pounts countain pointers to server storage and should be small. Microsoft recommends that they be just a few megabytes. Since our disk is a XP24K, I want to get them to agree to a mount point size of 46 MB. Any recomendations on a "safe" mount point size? Does the platform matter (Unix/Linux/Windows)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Windows mount point sizes on XP24K

If i understand you correctly, windows team guys need a quorum LUN for cluster. In this case, microsoft's recommendation sounds more like "not less then X Gb", so if it will be larger then X - it's ok, it will just waste your disk space, nothing more.