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Would like to upgrade our storage management Appliance.

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Ravi S. Banda
Regular Advisor

Would like to upgrade our storage management Appliance.

We're currently using Management Appliance Version 2.0 Service Pack 1a
and we were told that it is quite old. Could you give us the ftp location and /or the url to download and install the latest appliance software.

Could we upgrade just the appliance without upgrading or touching any other components - like the disk drives, firmware, switch software etc.

ps: we're using openview and hp told me that it is now called commandview and we're that old.
ps2: We're using EVA5000 for the SAN.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Would like to upgrade our storage management Appliance.

It is not available for download, as far is I know - you need to order the correct restore CD for your type of SMA:

"we're using openview" - more likely the HSV element manager. If that is true, then your environment is pretty old, yes, but it is possible that a current version of Command View EVA is not able to mange you EVA with its current firmware revision.

I strongly recommend that you get local help to:

- make a full inspection of your system and document the whole environment (firmware, drivers, ...) unless you documentation is really current.

- develop a miration plan.

Please do not try to randomly upgrade individual components. There are a lot of dependencies between software levels and you can easily break an old, but working system.
Super Advisor

Re: Would like to upgrade our storage management Appliance.


my recommendation is to use standard windows 2003 os, then install the platfom kit and securepath and then command view. This is now supported and then you can use/add normal patches to the appliance server. personally I prefer this instead of the "messy" appliance sw.