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Wrong logical drive nummer

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Wrong logical drive nummer

I have a proliant 3200 with Smart Array 3200 Controller.
5 disks configured as Raid5 with Hot Spare.
Alle is working fine .....
Now we want to expand the array by an additional disk.
Works fine - but the old existing logical drive is numer 2 (!!!!, should be one).
The new logical drive becomes number 1 - and that is the defalut boot drive. Now we have to boot from floppy .....

We tried ACR.EXE out of the SmartStart Scipting Toolkit 1.5 to reorder the logical drives - no chance without destruction of data.

We tried CPQONLIN from Smartstart 5.30 - no way.
All firmware (server and array cntroller) is from SmartStart 5.30.

Is there any chance to swap the logical drives without data loss???