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XP 24000 - Autolun

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Sivakumar MJ._1
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XP 24000 - Autolun

Hi eXPerts,

1. When do we need to use AUTOLUN option,
2. Could you share your experience on the usage of AUTOLUN
3. Before configuring AUTOLUN, what are the parameters that I need to consider.

Please share your experience and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

this could help you:
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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

I coulndt reach to given link. Does it work?

Dave Ritchie
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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

The link in this message is either broken or not accessable outside of HP.
Peter Mattei
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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

AutoLUN allows migrating XP Ldevs or XP V-Vols (Thin provisioned volumes) within an XP or between XP internal and XP External storage.

You can migrate between:

internal <-> external storage
any RAID level <-> and Raid level
any disk size < -> any disk size
any disk rpm <-> any disk rpm
standard ldev <-> Thin Provisioned ldev
hot spot disks <-> less busy disks

The only prereq is that the source and the target volume do have the exact same sizes!

You will find the latest XP software manuals here by going here:
select the desired titel (in you case Auto LUN)> Support for you Product > Manuals

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Dave Ritchie
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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

How 'exact' does the size of the LUNs need to be - or will this work when the target LUN is slightly bigger? What kind of error would you expect if it was too small?

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Re: XP 24000 - Autolun

Block size must match exactly to move the LDEV from one to another raidgroup.