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XP BC/CA Operations

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Rath Kum
Frequent Advisor

XP BC/CA Operations


After we edit and save the HORCM.Conf file, Can we do all BC/CA operations from XP Remote Console ? or we still need to run some commands from the remote host ?
which is the preferred way ?
If we use Remote console from which array we use for CA replication is it from Remote site array or from Local array?
sorry i am very new to this ..
Any help will be appreciated
Honored Contributor

Re: XP BC/CA Operations

What do you mean by remote console?

XP allows to perform BC/CA operations from CommandView and also from the host (where you create HORCM files and run the HORCM services).

If you have configured HORCM.conf files on 2 independednt systems and started the services on both servers, you can perform the BC/CA operation from any node.

Example: Host1 has PVOLs mounted and Host2 has access to SVOLs, you may copy/sync/split from any node, in result it will run the desired copy/sync/split commands on PVOL-SVOL pair.

Hope that helps.
Rath Kum
Frequent Advisor

Re: XP BC/CA Operations

Hi Amardeep

Sure that gave me some idea.
Remote web console i mean is HP Storage Works XP Remote Console(Storage Navigator).
Can we do same BC/CA split/create/sync etc., all operations from the GUI ?
Also is this also works same way as u mentioned , Can do from any array?
if we do on Array , do we need to run any other commands from Host too?

Thanks for your help
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: XP BC/CA Operations


If you do from GUI, its tha same as doing using the scripts.

You either use scripts or GUI.
Rath Kum
Frequent Advisor

Re: XP BC/CA Operations


Can we do CA operations from any array(local or remote)?