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XP Disk Mechs

James Hicks

XP Disk Mechs

For the XP256 and XP512 what are the disk mechs that are usable with each.

I knows there's 15,18,36,47,and 73, but my question is, which array uses which?

Thanks in advance
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: XP Disk Mechs

Here is a stab in the dark.............

A5731S 15Gb $7,520 XP256
A5733S 36.9Gb $9,565 XP256
47Gb ? XP256
73Gb ? XP256


For the XP512

18Gb ? XP512
73Gb ? XP512


I'm sure there is more, but this is a start.......
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: XP Disk Mechs

the xp256 supports:
15,18,37,47,73Gb disks;

the xp512 supports:
18,47,73Gb disks;

(note the shared memory and microcode requirements for 73Gb disks).