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XP Free disk

Prashant Zanwar_4
Respected Contributor

XP Free disk


I have HP system attached to XP & EMC array.

Probably XP is 512 which i need to check?

And I want to find out free disks which shall belong to same family of other disks used in VG. How to acheieve this. HORC manager is not runing on my system. How to know what instance I shall start is on as I can see files like /etc/horcm0 and 1.

Please reply in detail for this.

Thanks and regards
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Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: XP Free disk

You can use SVP or command view or a command like

#xpinfo -i

to get the details. HORCM instance is used for Business copy or continuous access (if I am not wrong).

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