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XP Raid Manager HP-UX 11.3

John Town

XP Raid Manager HP-UX 11.3

Hello Gurus,

I have an XP10000 running on firmware 50-08-05-00-00 and I need to upgrade it to the latest version which is 50-09-94-00-00. I have Raid Manager version 01.16.03 installed on 3 servers running hpux 11.v1. In last couple of firmware upgrades I never had to change the Raid Manager version. All my scripts have been running fine each time after the upgrade.

Now I will be adding a new Bl860C i2 that will run HP-UX 11.3 to the XP and need to make copies of its volumes. My questions are:

Will the old version of Raid Manager that im using ( 01.16.03 ) work when I install it in the new Bl860C i2?

Does Raid Manager only depends on XP Firmware and not HP-UX version?

If I have to upgrade Raid Manager to a newer version in the Bl860C i2 will I have to upgrade it in the older servers as well?

Any help would be appreciated and generous points will be givin to the best answers.

Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: XP Raid Manager HP-UX 11.3

Any version above HP-UX 10.20 should work on your current raid manager version, but it is always recomended to use the latest Raid Manager.

Raid manager depends n both XP firmware and HPUX version.

The release notes of the current RM says it supports.