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XP performance issue


XP performance issue

I newly installed a XP512 with 16 disks, 4 FC interface. I configured 40 LUNs on it. When I create a 40G oracle tablespace on that, I found the total IO on XP is around 80M/s.

by using sar -d , almost every lun indicate "avserv"(around 2) much smaller than "avwait" (around 6).

The activity LED blinks no so fast as I wish.

From what I list above, do it mean the CHIP is not capable of processing the request?
Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: XP performance issue

I doubt that it is the CHIP. I have a 350GB database using 4 FC controllers, spread over 60 LUN's. Performance is very good.
Plase give some more information.
What Raid level are you running?
What size disks and emulation?
How much cache do you have?
Is the database doing primarily reads or writes, or is it even?
Is your database on raw disks or file system?