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XP1024/128 WWN to CHIP Port Mapping

Steve Bonds
Trusted Contributor

XP1024/128 WWN to CHIP Port Mapping


I once had a document that described which WWNs mapped to which front-end (CHIP) ports on the XP1024/128 family. For example:

CL1A = 50:06:0e:XX:XX:XX:XX:00
CL1B = 50:06:0e:XX:XX:XX:XX:01
... and so on ...

There were a couple of odd gaps in the last two digits of the WWN that I can't remember. I could probably figure it out based on some cable tracing, but that would be rather error-prone and slow.

Does anyone know the full WWN-to-CHIP port mapping?


-- Steve
Bill Rothanburg
Trusted Contributor

Re: XP1024/128 WWN to CHIP Port Mapping

Here's a short perl script I wrote to display the mappings..

Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

Re: XP1024/128 WWN to CHIP Port Mapping

Steve, not sure if I understand your question 100% but here goes -

The last two digits of a WWPN on an XP1024 refer to the clsuter number and port number. For example -
CL1-A = 50:.....:00
CL2-A = 50:.....:10
CL1-B = 50:.....:01
CL2-B = 50:.....:11

The 4 digits prior to the last two are a hex representation of the serial number of the array. For example -
CL1-A on an aray with serial number 12345 would be -
(3039 being 12345 in hex)

Hope this helps.

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