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XP1024: Secur path or Autopath XP

Regular Advisor

XP1024: Secur path or Autopath XP

i am connecting xp1024 with es7000 running w2KAS. i want to have secure path functionality on these nodes. i am ahving some ambiguity in understanding the difference between Secure Path for window and Auto path XP. what exactly is the difference between these two softwares? and which software can i use on this es7000 platform running windows 2000 advance server.
Chris Bennett_9
Valued Contributor

Re: XP1024: Secur path or Autopath XP

The XP series arrays require AutoPath. Fortunately, Secure Path (retail) version 4.0C-7 also bundles Autopath.

So, to further confuse you, Secure Path 4.07-C IS Autopath for XP arrays. Make sense? Didn't think so....
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: XP1024: Secur path or Autopath XP

As Chris pointed out , SecurePath bundles the Autopath s/w also. To clarify a bit more...

at present time,their is no difference in the functionality/features of the filter drivers for XP disk arrays, both files under AutoPath or SecurePath are the same.

SecurePath offers a different GUI then AutoPath and support for other disk arrays then XP's as opposed to the AutoPath which is limited to VA and XP disk arrays only.

For the future, the SecurePath product is the one you want to go with i.e. if you need to buy that software now then buy SecurePath.

AutopPath is going obsolete as a productname but functionality and support for it's disk arrays is integrated into SecurePath basically.


regards, Kris