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XP1024 capacity planning

Hatem Abed
Occasional Contributor

XP1024 capacity planning

We have XP1024 storage area network , We are looking for a tool which can give us the utlization on the XP like free disks , Also
it can help us to do capacity planning for the required disk space and if the XP requires upgrade.
We tried HP Performance Advisor but it did not help us.

Honored Contributor

Re: XP1024 capacity planning

Hi Abed,

Assuming that you have a support contract with HP , you can ask hp to hep you in capacity planning. At my site we contacted them and got a perfect documentation. You can either contact the local HP support office or the support rep. for your site.

Honored Contributor

Re: XP1024 capacity planning

If what you're after is capacity usage of your XP1024 (or any XP array for that matter) - I believe nothing beats fully understanding the architectur of the array and how your array groups are laid out. If you manage this array - it is particularly important that you know its architecture and layout to get the most out of this box.

You can use tools like LUN manager, CommandView/XP or xpinfo to delve into your XP. In our site however .. we maintain a separate database, depicting the array group configuration and the LDEVs (aka LUNS or slices of the array group). We crafted a naming convention of the array groups and standards for how large the LDEVs/LUNs and properly document them.

On the XP, a LUN is part of an array group. An array group may be composed of 4 or 8 disks and maybe "carved" as RAID5 or RAID10. As an example, if you've a 4-drive 73GB RAID5 array group, you'll have 3 x 73 GB ~ 200GB net capacity out of the array group. From this 200GB net capacity - the LDEVs/LUNs are "carved" and presented to the SAN/hosts -- depending on how it is carved -- you may have uniformly sized LDEVs/LUNs whose size is dictated in a table shown in the XP1024's manual - plus a remnant sized LUN.

Read this manual:
Or if you;ve a support contract, the XP section of the HP-UX Software Recovery Handbook at:


For Capacity relating to usage of the XP's ACP's and caches and thorughput -- Performance ADvisor (aka HItachi HiTrack Software) should do the trick. But remember -- the key to succecssfully managing an XP is thoroughly understanding its architecture - which really does not require a vacation err..I mean training of sorts.
Hakuna Matata.
Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: XP1024 capacity planning

Check this links:


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