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XP10k:Change reserved settings "RM" for LDEV

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XP10k:Change reserved settings "RM" for LDEV

All things I'm doing Are from the SVP directly
I was trying to create S-VOL for Business Copy,and I started by reserving those S-VOL through "LUN SECURITY XP EXTENSION"(bad idea!)
during the creation, I found that I did a mistake and I want to remove an LDEV
when I want to do that I started by "unreserve it"
I goes to LUN configuration Manager in order to delete it but it said: "the reserve Attribute for RAID MANAGER is set to the volume".
I goes back to WEB CONSOLE, and from "LUN SECURITY XP EXTENSION" I found on Reserve Column of this drive the "RM" OPTION Set on it
so I tried to change this attribute and I got the msg:"the reserved setting of specified volume cannot be released"
I attach some screen capture in order to provide more visibility.
if someone can help it could be useful

best regards,


Re: XP10k:Change reserved settings "RM" for LDEV

Hello Reda,

What was the time frame you selected while performing a reserve on the device? The default is 6 years. Until the time period expires, you cannot change the attribute. If you wanted to set the reserve attribute for the Business Copy S-VOL, you should have gone into the Business Copy Manager screen in webconsole and then set the attribute.