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XP12000 Performance Advisor : command device

Daniel Brink
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XP12000 Performance Advisor : command device

I am installing Performance Advisor for evaluation purposes and have the following problem.

I want to run my host agent on a Windows 2008 virtual server. I can see my command device on the ESX server and used "Raw Device Mapping" to make it visible to my Windows Server.

1. I am not sure if i am supposed to initialize/format this disk from Windows to use it as a command device. Is there a way in Windows to determine if the command device is setup correctly.

2. Is a command device of 1GB big enough for Performance Advisor?

Thank you
Danie Brink
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Re: XP12000 Performance Advisor : command device

Hi Daniel,

1) Do NOT format the LUN presented to the Windows server. If you do you will need to delete the LUN, and present a differnet LDEV to the Windows server without the disk signature on it.

2) Actually the sizing for the Cmd Devdoesn't matter. You can use the smallest LDEV size you can on the XP (46MB) for the Cmd Device. It is just used as a "pass thru" to communicate from the host to the XP via FC. Most folks just use the leftover space from a Array Group to carve out this 46MB LDEV. Where you want multiple GB is on the PA management server for the PA database


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