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XP12000 and CA


XP12000 and CA

Here is a problem we are facing. Not sure if anyone of you have seen it before. Here is goes:

We have XP12000 with 6 HP boxes connected to it via a SAN fabric. We run Oracle on the production server from which 2TB of disk space is CA'ed to XP512 via 1gig fiber link.

Our is high I/O environment. We have CA'ed about 2TB disk-space. When the CA is turned on, the oracle archive log fails but when turned off, archive logs gets written just fine.

Let me also add that the P-VOL are BC'ed and the S-VOLs are in PSUS mode during the day-time.

We have about 24GB cache and side-file usage does not go beyond 5% at any given point in time.

any ideas?

Re: XP12000 and CA

Any suggestions to enable us resume CA would be most helpful. High points awarded.
Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: XP12000 and CA

Essilor -
We just got off our XP but as I remember a configuration of one local BC and a remote CA is supported only with OminBack II and HP servers. Is this your configuration?
Also, archive logs are heavy hitters (high i/o)
what is the latency to the CA disks?


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