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I have a Business Copy instance with one pvol ldev and one svol ldev on an xp12000.
I want to be able to split this pair and under certain circumstances run pairresync with the -restore option to copy the contents of the svol ldev to the pvol ldev (rather than the normal resync where we copy the pvol to the svol.

I have managed to get this to work successfully and test that it correctly copied the svol to the pvol
However it does not work if we also set up CA replication of the pvol to a different XP12000.

If we suspend the CA replication instance the -restore then works correctly

I would like to know if this is in fact the expected behaviour or whether we should be able to do the -restore on a Business Copy instance while also having the pvol replicated to another xp.

If we are not able to do this please point me to the documentation that discusses this

For reference the HORCM log showing the error is reproduced below

09:37:28 2008
CMDLINE : pairresync -g vgtectst -c 15 -restore
09:37:28-e59fd-29492- ERROR:cm_sndrcv[rc < 0 from HORCM]
09:37:28-e8859-29492- [pairresync] L_CMD(CREATEPAIR) ERROR :rc = -35
09:37:28-e9fde-29492- [pairresync][exit(221)]
[EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected
[Cause ]: An order to the command(control) device failed,or was rejected.
[Action]:Please confirm the following items.If this trouble doesn't resolve,then
collect HORCM error logs(HORCM_LOG=/HORCM/log80/curlog) and Remote HORCM logs,a
nd send them to service personnel.
(1) Check if the 'HORC or HOMRCF function' is installed in the RAID.
(2) Check if the RCP and LCP are installed in the RAID.
(3) Check if the path between the RAID CUs is established by using the SVP.
(4) Check if the pair target volume is an appropriate status.

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