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XP122000 and Snapshot requirements

S Potter
Occasional Visitor

XP122000 and Snapshot requirements


I was looking at using snapshot as part of a backup solution on an existing XP12000 array. Currently based on open-e. I read that snapshot requires open-v. Is this a recommendation or a requirement?

In short will I be able to use snapshot within my current environment or will I have to get HP to rearrange my existing storage to open-v?


Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

Re: XP122000 and Snapshot requirements


You are right that Copy on Write Snapshot only works with OPEN-V emulation type.

You will also notice that many other features including External Storage etc require OPEN-V emulation type.

OPEN-V really seems to be the way of the future on the XP range. With this in mind it wuld certainly be a good idea to at least create all new LDEVs as OPEN-V.

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