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XP128 File system planning

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Arsenio B. Talingdan
Occasional Contributor

XP128 File system planning

If I have an XP128 with 128 disks raid10, 8 1Gbs FCs, and configure the file system with 16 LUNS (using all disks), is there striping at both levels? Our average I/O request size is 4 megabytes and I want to configure it for the most efficient I/O for multiple parallel applications. The default stripe size is 64K.
If there is striping at both levels and should the stripe size of the LUNS be equal to the total of stipes of the disks that are in the LUN?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: XP128 File system planning

Yes, you should stripe the LUNs with LVM or Veritas VM. 64K stripes are good.

It sounds like you're using the 8-drive RAID 0/1, which is good. 64k is good because it matches the cache line size. Anything larger will not help your performance.

Don't forget to load balance your FC links. If you're planning on using PV-Links, be sure to have primary LUNs on every port. A handy scheme I've seen is to make the primary LUNs 0-127, and the alternate links 128+. Every port has some LUNs in the 0-128 range, and also some LUNs in the 128-256 range.

Using AutoPath can also help increase your performance. It's available for HP-UX and Windoze now, soon (hopefully) for other platforms.

Good luck!
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