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XP128 - pri/sec patchs

Jacques Carriere
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XP128 - pri/sec patchs

Can I get primary and secondary path information from the xpinfo command? If not, how can I determine which path the assigned luns uses.
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Re: XP128 - pri/sec patchs

Hello Jacques,

xpinfo with -il option will list the paths sorted using the CU:LDEV number. There is no such thing as primary and secondary paths as far as XP is concerned.

All the paths are created equal :-). It becomes primary or secondary depending on how it is being used within LVM.

From the output of xpinfo, all the entries with the same CU:LDEV are the paths to the same Lun.

If you are using LVM, then using vgdisplay -v /dev/vgname you can find out which is the primary link.

Hope this helps.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: XP128 - pri/sec patchs


Sine this was posted to HP-UX.

ioscan -fnC disk

If the system is indeed HP-UX this will provide the information you desire. If you posted in error, have a nice day, I can't help you.


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Re: XP128 - pri/sec patchs


Yes xpinfo should give you that information and the tool is actually available accross all UNIX dialects and Linux.

Note however that the concept of primary and secondary may very well depend on the host volume manager used.

For VxVM - the primary in a multi-pathed LUN is always the lowest c (controller) number path in cXtYdZ. This holds ttue accross all Dialects. For MPIO and LVM -- I think you have a choice.
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