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XP24k - BC very slow

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XP24k - BC very slow

Dear All,

we have just acquired an XP24k and setup different BCs on it.

The problem is that the BCs are extremely slow. Our HP consultant told us that this happens because the XP24k considers the BC as a low priority task and if there is a lot of disk access the the BC is put in background.

As for our business, we need that the BC is as fast and possible, I would like to know if there are some parameters that could be set to give a higher priority to the BC.

Many thanks
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Re: XP24k - BC very slow


it could be also related with the non optimum back-end configuration of the BC LDEV/LUSE with overloading the back-end controllers MPs.

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Re: XP24k - BC very slow

As we have 8 controllers we have configured each BC on a different controller.

We also have the P-VOLS and S-VOLS on different array groups