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XP256 Command View Difficulty

Will Hebden
Occasional Visitor

XP256 Command View Difficulty

Hi All

I have a problem implementing Command View for XP256.

The setup is 2 XP256s and a single XP512. The Command View management station is a Windows 2000 Advanced Server which runs Remote Control for XP256 and XP512 as well as CV.

RC works fine for all arrays. CV works correctly on our XP512, but when I attempt to use Device Administration in CV to add the agent IP address for our XP256s (ie, the management station's own IP address) I get a "could not connect to agent" type error.

I think I've followed the install instructions for CV correctly. I have the SNMP and SNMP Trap services running on the CV management station and they're configured with the appropriate community name and trap destination.

Is there something that needs to be done on the SVP of the XP256?

Thanks in advance