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XP256 Config problems

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XP256 Config problems

Hi, we have bought an XP256 and we are having real issues. We have one DKC and one DKU (R1).
As this is an old system, there was a previous working config but we needed to blow it away for confidentialty reasons. We have rebuilt this system (removed cache, SCSI etc). The problem I'm having is the SVP will not pick up the cache or SCSI cards when in maintenance area to look at the block view of the system. Where all the rear I/O should be present, everything is grey - and nothing present. To overcome this, I've tried a fresh install - Using CTRL + shift + i - then creating a new image. One of the main problems I'm having is when I get to the point where it asks me to reboot the DKC and DO NOT pwer down the SVP. When I power down the DKC, it just sits there and does not provide me with any further instruction. After a period of time there is a connection error and the SVP comes back to life. When looking at the SIMS, there are error messages everytime I reboot the disk array. They all point to the SCSI in the rear of the DKC. I've tried a fresh installl with all hardware in, then disks removed, then disks and SCSI removed. I've tried different amounts of cache, I've replaced the controller boards in the I/O chassis (next to the SCSI). I've checked the jumper settings on the DKU controllers. I'm at the stage where I have nothing left to try. When trying to look at the IO fw levels, there is an error as the XP said it can not communicate. The XP worked fine before removing disks and cache so I'm fairly certain that this is a config problem after trying to fault find at a hardware level. The only other idea I've had was the cache setup? I have 4 dimms in each of the 4 banks (16 dimms) - I've checked they are in the correct order. The shared memory is fully populated. I'm not sure what sizes the dimms are as there are no part numbers on them and we can't get them to show on the SVP. If anyone could be of any help then it would be appreciated. I'm hitting my head against a brick wall here...
Peter Mattei
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Re: XP256 Config problems

The XP256 is not intended to be customer maintainable. All HW config and maintenance has to be done by HP or a certified HP partner.
So I am sorry but you have to call HP or an approved partner for support!

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