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XP256 Remote console SNMPSETUP

Fouad Ibnelhaj
Occasional Contributor

XP256 Remote console SNMPSETUP

I installed a remote console for an XP256, I connected the lan cable between the PC and the XP. The problem is that the SNMPSETUP button on the remote console is deactivated. The OS installed on the PC is Windows 2000 and the SNMP agent is started.
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Bosco Tsang
Valued Contributor

Re: XP256 Remote console SNMPSETUP

My HPCE advised that Remote Console 256 is not certified to work on Win2000 (and when I call the support center, they also told me that Win2000 is not supported), after he tried to figure out a number of problems associated when we install it on a Win2000K. After I reinstall the OS back to WinNT and SP6, it all works fine since. May be you can try this.