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XP512 Array

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XP512 Array

HP CE is adding 2 array groups in XP512. Is there any way from SVP to find out which are the new LDEVs and respective id's have been created from new added array groups?

Dave La Mar
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Re: XP512 Array

Ashish -
This is a job for Command View. I would be surprised if you said you were administering only via the SVP. In any regard, the SVP should provide the ldev information, though I have not tried this.
Via command view, it would be available luns, thus look for availble luns on the SVP

Best of luck.


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Re: XP512 Array

You should be using Hitachi LUN Manager (or in HP's lingo --- "CommandView" (Yes XP's are Hitachi Data Systems arrays). If you're familiar with the tool - then you should be able to tell what CU (control unit) the CE assigned the LDEVs (chunks of array groups - which could be any of the OPEN* emulation or CSV).

Remember on XP arrays.. CU:LDEV is the key. LDEV's map to CUs. CU:LDEVs map to ports or hostgroups.

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