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XP512 Auto Lun

Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

XP512 Auto Lun

We have some luns on our XP512 that were relocated from their original array group by the "Auto Lun" feature.
We are in the process of moving these back to their original locations.
My question -
Has anyone insight in the risks involved in moving a heavily hit lun while still active?
For the curious - We were not aware this feature had been turned on. Now HP cannot de-install a couple of arrays due to the luns that were auto moved.
Thanks for any input.
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Re: XP512 Auto Lun


AFAIK you can move your LUN to another (free) one during working times with no problems (except for speed) from your Remote Control PC.
You can select even the "target" LUN where you want it to be, then.
And I would exclude all other "free" LUNs before, so nothing could move elsewhere...