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XP512 and RAID Manager : pairevtwait

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Frantisek Kruzik
Occasional Visitor

XP512 and RAID Manager : pairevtwait

HP-UX 11.0

After pairsplit for BC pair :

Is it necessary to wait with pairevtwait before resuming I/O operations to P-Vol or it is possible to start I/O operations to P-Vol immediately after pairsplit and only use pairevtwait before starting I/O operations to S-Vol ?
Iain F. Brown
Valued Contributor

Re: XP512 and RAID Manager : pairevtwait

It not necessary to use pairevtwait for I/O activity for P-Vol or S-Vol operations. From the instance that the pairsplit is issued all pending I/Os to the S-Vol are discarded. If pairsuspend is used pending I/Os are completed.