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XP512 and vgchgid

Joel D. Alexander
Occasional Visitor

XP512 and vgchgid

OS: HP-UX B.11.00 A 9000/800

Trying to mount SVOL's on a Omniback server:

From the host server:
I unmount the filesystem.
I deactivate the VG on the host server.
I split the BC pair.

From the backup server:
# vgchgid -f /dev/rdsk/c10t1d5

vgchgid: Invalid LVMREC on Physical volume /dev/rdsk/c10t1d5

Any clues???
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: XP512 and vgchgid


I think you need patch PHCO_21630 (11.X!!) for it (superseeded by PHCO_22839 to support the XP48 as well!):
The vgchgid command currently only changes the
VGID on EMC and XP256 devices. Even though the
XP512 came from the same family as XP256, but
they have different product-id. In this case,
vgchgid will not recognize XP512, and it will
fail to modify the VGID on the split-off mirror
copy when it is needed.