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XP512 luns missing


XP512 luns missing

Hello there,

We have a cluster pair (Sun boxes v880) connected to our SAN. Each of the two Sun boxes has two emulex fibre channel cards installed. Sunbox1 fibre is attached to same switch as CL1 and Sunbox2 fibre is attached to same switch as CL2. All zoning performed using EFC manager.

4 luns are allocated via ports CL1-A and CL2-A. Security has been enabled for these ports. 4 WWN's added to both CL1-A and CL2-A. Configured luns so that only the WWN's for sunbox1 and sunbox2 can see them.

Now for the problem... Sunbox1 see's all 4 luns down both clusters CL1-A and CL2-A. Unfortunately Sunbox2 only sees luns down cluster CL2-A but not down CL1-A.

I've checked that the zoning has been correctly configured on EFCM and that secure manager is correctly set (inlcuding checking the WWN's). Is there anything else I can check before I can lay my heart and soul to say there is something wrong on the server side be it h/w or software config?


Kind Regards

Mohammed U. Ali
Storage Systems Administrator
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Joaquin Gil de Vergara
Respected Contributor

Re: XP512 luns missing

Is a typical error of the XP Array....

Set Quick-Loop for CL1-A..... Then set DFA ...

I solve thus a similar problem

New Firmware revision solve the problem

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