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XSTM readout and EMC Array

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XSTM readout and EMC Array

The readout from xstm shows the following.

PCU Buc adapter
Fibre Channel Interface
Fibre Channel Driver
EMC Array (6)

This would indicate a disk array of 6 disks to form a LUN????

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: XSTM readout and EMC Array

I seriously doubt it, but one way to find out is to run emc's inq utility or one of their other "graphical" utilities.

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Roger Baptiste
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Re: XSTM readout and EMC Array

To figure out the LUN details of EMC:

use #syminq
or #inq

This will list the luns seen by the system including their sizes.

The luns are not physical disks , but splits from the physcial disk. The split is done at the EMC level through a bin file. You can look it up using EMC console utility "symmconsole".

The EMC engineer should be able to give you
a hard copy of the binfile layout.

all the emc binaries should be under /opt/emc.
do a find /opt/emc -type d -name bin
and look into bin directories.

Take it easy.
Sebastien Masson
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Re: XSTM readout and EMC Array

This is the number of FA seen by all your HBA. So if your Symm as 6 FA connected into a switch or a hub and you have 2 HBA you will see 6 device (is the Volume Logix database, read only hyper) needed by the volume logix client.