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Zero-D X3i array fails with N4000 Hp-UX 11.0

Michael Thomsen
Occasional Visitor

Zero-D X3i array fails with N4000 Hp-UX 11.0

To implement a backup solution, we have installed a relatively cheap third party raid system from Zero-D called X3i (1.2 terra byte)

This system fails by freezing up, when heavily loaded for a few hours on the N4000.

However on a Windows 2000, using IOMETER, it runs for days without any problems.

Has anyone seen something like this ???

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Zero-D X3i array fails with N4000 Hp-UX 11.0


Where did you get the DEVICE drivers for HPux for the 3Xi?? It's really a matter of zero-d supporting HPux, and it doesn't sound like it is too well.

Do you have your machine up todate in patches? Use the custom patch manager to determine what, if anything, you need. THere could be a patch to fix this.

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Michael Thomsen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Zero-D X3i array fails with N4000 Hp-UX 11.0


Maybe I wasn't too clear. It's the raid system that freeze up.

The raid system presents a LUN 0 to the N4000, which as far as I'm aware treats it as any scsi device. (sdisk)

The supplier Zero-D, claims that they have many systems up and running on Sun, Hp etc.

So I'm a bit lost as to what can give the problems, and thought that someone might have seen similar problems.

I have checked things like scsii queue depth, that mustn't exceed 32. But on this n4000 for the given device it was 8 so that was not it etc.

I would realy like to get things runing as it is great value for the money (apart from not working all the time ;->).

So realy, any help or experience with something similar will be greatly appreciated.