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about DLT8000

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about DLT8000

DLT8000 6/60 ,omnibackII

who can give me some reference about how to design backup session,including use which driver,use which slots' tape,and how long should i to change tape,how to optimize backup session
Michael Tully
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Re: about DLT8000


This is a very broad-based question so I'll try to keep it simple. First you need to make sure that you set up the correct driver in your kernel for your server. You will also need to create a robotic arm device.See the attached document for assistance on both of these items.
We use this as a backup cycle for all of our servers. Please bear in mind that we use Omniback but the prinicples could be the same.
We use one tape per day per system for filesystems. Monday to Friday. Databases are backed up daily onto seperate tapes. We keep each daily backup tape for four weeks, and each monthly tape (the tape created on the last day of the month) for two years.
Most backup tape drives have their own in-built data compression tool so there is no need to do anything else. To make backup sessions shorter you could use incremental backups.

Please feel free to ask further questions.

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