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about HSZ50

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about HSZ50

diskArray :Hsz50
a disk in a unit of RAID5 failed
how can I replace the failed disk with a new one?
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Re: about HSZ50

Refer forums/

& forums/

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: about HSZ50

As I don't know your unit policy, you can use this:

>show failed

check the name of the failed disk

>delete failed diskXXX

remove the disk

Insert the new disk

>run config

> add spareset diskXXX
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Thomas J. Harrold
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Re: about HSZ50

If you can access the CLI (serial connection), post output from:

show units
show failed
show disks
show raid
show spare

If you have a spare disk, it probably already recovered to the spare disk. Now you have to replace the dead disk, and make that your new hot spare. Alternatively, you can force a "fail back", so the original disk will be live, and your spare will go back to being a hot spare.

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