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about VA7400 secure mode

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about VA7400 secure mode


1) when Va7400 battery in a controller is installed into VA disk array, the battery will discharge and then charge, is it true ?
2) when the battery discharges, the disk array will change to secure mode, which means the RAM will be stopped. this conception is true ?

3) and then , with what condition about battery VA7400 will change to secure mode?

4) I now use another VA7400, when a controller is installd into it, the rmain capacity is 38%, but the disk array does not goto secure mode, why ?
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Re: about VA7400 secure mode

The array goes into secure mode if you

a) configure this

b) a battery goes below a certain level (failing battery)

Set Resiliency Level. This option sets the level of protection offered by data
resiliency. It determines how often the contents of the controller maps are
copied to the disk. Keeping the map information on the disks protects
against controller map loss.
SingleController is used if the array is operating with only one controller.
This suppresses the single controller warning messages that are normally
generated when only one controller is operating.
Secure continually updates the disks at regular intervals. This option offers
both data protection and good performance.
Normal is the standard resilient map processing. This results in higher
performance than Secure, but the risk of map loss is less than the
HighPerformance configuration.
RestrictedNormal has higher performance than Secure, but less than
Normal, but the risk of map loss is less than the HighPerformance and
Normal configuration.
HighPerformance updates the disk maps only during shutdown of the
array. This is the lowest level of data protection, but it offers the highest
level of performance.

Hope this helps!

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Re: about VA7400 secure mode


what is the battery evaluation standard?

what is the failed battery ?
what is the good status of battery ?

I see a battery's remain capacity is 84%, and the battery Light is lighting green But a battery with 91% capacity is

why ?