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active spare on a 12h

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Bryan Ahrens
Occasional Visitor

active spare on a 12h

On one of our D380s, with two 12h's attached, we have replaced all 12 of the 4.3 SE drives in both arrays. I can chaulk this up to a bad batch of disks. What I have a problem with is the Active hot spare
does not seem to kick in. We have never lost any data but I get errors like the following. (The last line is what I am pointing out):

Thu Nov 30 04:48:13 2000
Array Monitor Daemon
Data redundancy has been lost in disk array
on /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0 at mcolab.
Disk in slot 'A1' failed initialization
by the disk array controller.
Disk "SEAGATE ST34572WC" serial number J165220QPHQS
is reported missing by the disk array.
Active hot spare warning on /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0
Unallocated space is too small for active hot spare.

Does this mean that I have to have unallocated space equivalant to the size of the active hot spare?

Thanks in advance.

That's never happened before...!
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Re: active spare on a 12h


I think you need a healthy disk from HP.
The message you had got means that the disk module in slot A1 had failed,(you may check by investgating amber LED on the disk module the most bottom left) so the space which had been allocated to 'hot spare' got into be used by the disk array.
In consequence of above,autoraid have not enough space for 'hot spare'.
You don't need to do anyhing but just replace module A1. It will take some time for balancing disk space.

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Re: active spare on a 12h

I have forgot the basic tip on such situation.
Please check the disk has been seated properly.

Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: active spare on a 12h

"Unallocated space is too small for active hot spare"
It simply means that the array no longer has the physical capacity necessary to enable an Active Hot spare.
If Active Hot spare is enabled, There must be enough unallocated capacity available.
You can check the status of the disk array both on the front panel and in SAM if you enable Active Hot spare or not.
If enabled, I suspect that one of the disk drives, A1, in the array has a problem based on the message that you wrote.
That's because there will be no sufficient unallocated space in the array if you lost one.

Go open the door of the array.
Check the disk drive status out by reading the status LED indications for the modules.
If one has a solid Amber, Place a Hardware support call to HP.
I hope that this will help you.

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