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adding new SC10 to FC60

K de Beus_1
Occasional Contributor

adding new SC10 to FC60

I have a production-system running RAID 0/1 with two FC60's (for redundancy) and two SC10's (one is mirror). It has a LUN 0 (1x 36Gb disk), LUN 1 (3x 36Gb disks) and a LUN 2 (3x 36Gb disks). Now I want to add two new SC10's (one mirror) with each 4x 72Gb disks to the FC60 and increase the cache of the FC60's. After this is done will all my data be lost or can I just simply create a LUN 3 or do I have to recreate the other LUN's also, which means I have to restore the data from backup? I can't find anything about data loss, if I add a new SC10, in the manuals