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additional disks on SmartArray 5i WU3

Andreas Kamer
Occasional Contributor

additional disks on SmartArray 5i WU3

Hi all

we have a ML370R/G2 with SmartArray 5i WU3 controller( 226593-B21).
There's an array with two 18.2GB WU3 Universal Hardddisks (142673-B22) and an AIT 35GB tape drive connected to that controller.
Now we would like to expand disk capacity on that server but it looks like the WU3 SCSI disks aren't sold anymore (at least we can't get them anymore from our distributors).

Does the SmartArray 5i also support U320 or U160 disks? If yes, would it have an impact on the performance if we built a second array with U320/U160 disks on that controller?

Thanks a lot for your help.