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armtopology and hostnames/IP

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armtopology and hostnames/IP


My VA disk array is attached to 7 HP-UX servers.
In one of those systems, armtopology behaviour is stranger. The host name of this server is webnode6.

'armtopology webnode6' reports nothing, but 'armtopology node6' reports all LUNs assigned to webnode6. 'node6' is another nodename of webnode6. This box have 5 IP addresses and they exist in /etc/hosts file.

The following config file


contains the entry


'armdsp -i webnode6' and 'armdsp -i node6' matches their outputs. This ouputs shows

Management Path: webnode6:/dev/rscsi/c9t0d0

This behaviour only ocurrs in this box. The armtopology works fine in the other servers.

Any idea ?


Command View release is 1.09.00