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best way to clone SAS HDD to new SATA SSD array ?

Occasional Advisor

best way to clone SAS HDD to new SATA SSD array ?

I want to migrate the Windows 2008 R2 system volume (c:)

- from (current) 2-drive SAS HDD RAID 1 array
- to (new)(bigger) 2-drive SATA SSD RAID 1 array

what do you think is the best way to do it ?

someone suggested booting with a LiveCD (Ubuntu or the like) and using dd to clone from one to the other which sounds OK

since dd will be copying everything bit-by-bit (including the first chunk of the drives where the array metadata is stored) and this metadata will be stating SAS type array for current volume ... after rebooting and removing current SAS drives I will have the new SATA array with metadata saying it is a SAS array ... will this be a problem ... will the controller be aware of it (fixing it by the way) ?

it is my understanding that you can't simply swap new SATA drives into a SAS one (and viceversa) and let the controller make the rebuild since you can't mix drive types; or so they say

please, advise


Esteemed Contributor

Re: best way to clone SAS HDD to new SATA SSD array ?

you may use the windows mirroring to make RAID1 between two different Hardware  RAID1 of different disk types.


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