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can I migrate from raid 6 to raid 5?

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Russell Painter
Occasional Advisor

can I migrate from raid 6 to raid 5?

Hi, I have a older DL380G2 using an SA5300 with an ADG RAID6 array (5 x 146gb = 410gb)

I want to "create" more available space and I am wondering if it is possible to "downgrade" the RAID 6 to RAID 5...

I see the "migrate RAID-Stripe Size" option in the ACU...It shows the array as RAID 6 but seems to give the option of RAID 5....

Is it that easy? Can I simply select the RAID 5 option and it will reconfigure the array? I assume it is NOT that simple...Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

Also, I do have a "hot" spare drive...what would be the procedure to "add" the drive and gain more space? (extension..?)

thanks for any help!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: can I migrate from raid 6 to raid 5?

>>> Is it that easy? <<<
in short: Yes.

The smart array controllers can easily migrate to anaother raid-level.
They may need sufficient free diskspace to perform this task, and it can take a considerable amount of time.
Dont think too soon the
process "hangs". As long you see disk activity it is working for you.
Dont start another configuration action befor the migration has finished (create volumes etc).

second question
- remove the disk as hotspare from the array
- add it as normal array member
- extend array
- extend OS volume(s)
Russell Painter
Occasional Advisor

Re: can I migrate from raid 6 to raid 5?

Pieter, thanks for that answer! I appreciate the response.