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changing drive order of Arrays

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

changing drive order of Arrays

I added a 4200 controller to a Proliant 5500 which already had both channels of a Smart-2DH in use. I added a RAID 5 Array to the 4200. the server began to regularly crash, giving the error as related to the Windows NT Drivers for the Array. I checked that all versions of BIOS,, Firmware and NT software were the latest, but could not prevent the server crashing.
I decided to remove the Smart-2DH and use three channels of the Smart-4200.
when I moved the arrays across to the 4200, they server refused to Boot as it made the new array the primary array (Number 1).
I cannot find a way to make the boot disk the primary array.
I have made the boot disk the only disk and it works, but if I add one of the other disks back (after deleting the definition) the controller still believes them to have a lower disk number and tries to use them first.
I have only been able to get round this by running two 4200 controllers, one with the boot disk and one with the other disks on it.
Is there any way I can force my boot disk to be the primary disk?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: changing drive order of Arrays

The Primary disk should be the boot disk... Now, are you sure the 4200 (first one you added) is setup as the Primary in System Configuration? Do you already have data on the other drives you had attached to the 4200?

I'm thinking you should try removing them and making sure the original array is configured first or you may want to pull all of the off (LABEL them first) and try running Smartstart's Erase Utility to clear the system's config. Then make sure you attach just the old array to the controller and startup to detect them. IF you have the 4200 drivers installed properly in NT, you should be able to boot to that old array after that. Then add the new drives afterwards...