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cluster hardware

kesab Kumar Senapati
Occasional Visitor

cluster hardware

Dear Sir
we are implementing SAPR/34.7,we have already procured the development server which is RX1600 Itanium 2.
Now we are about to finalize the Production server which will be in cluster environment.

The concerned thing is we are not sure whether to procure the SAN switch as part of the SAN storage.

Pls let us know is it mandatory to have SAN switch .we will have 2 servers in clusters and a shared data storage.As because the SAN storage(VA7110) is supplied with 2 HBAs and we can connect the 2 servers throgh 2 separate HBAs to the SAN storage.

servers - HP RX2600 - 2 nos
Storage - HP VA7110

waiting for an earliest reply.
thanks & regards
Kesab Kumar Senapati

Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

Re: cluster hardware


I dont know the model VA7110, but i worked on a VA7400.

The fc ports you want to connect to are probably on the controller cards. If you connect 1 server to each port it will probably work. BUT, if your 1 controller fails you will not be able to connect to the storage from 1 or your servers.

You want to get a 8 port fc switch.
2 x secure path liciences.

If you get controller failure, you will still be able to access the data from both servers.

If the va7110 is anything like the va7400, the controllers pack up regularly.

Hope this helps.
Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: cluster hardware

Well the idea of having SAN is to share large number of host ports or HBA's with limited numberof storage ports by controlling the access with zoning in the switch and masking in the storage array .

That way there is better utilisation of the SAN and you get better return on the investment .

If you want to attach a multiple servers to the same storage array , then ypu will need switch . But if you want just two of your servers then probably you can just direct attach them without the switch .
kesab Kumar Senapati
Occasional Visitor

Re: cluster hardware

Dear Dave
thanks a lot.