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cluster w2k

Hello everybody!!!
I have a problem installing a w2k cluster.
My configuration is:
- 2 LC2000
- 2 Netraid 1M for the local disks.
- 2 Netraid 3Si for the shared disks ( SCSI RS12).
When I install W2k, I first install with the shared disks off, and w2k disk administrator shows me the local disk as disk0.
Later, when I switch the shared disks on, and
disk administrator changes alone: shared disks are now disk0 and local disk is now disk1. If I switch the RS12 off again, it continues to see local disk as disk1 in disk management, and I dont know what to do.
During the hardware boot, it is OK because first it detects the netraid 1M and second the netraid 3Si.
I need your help, please. Thank you very much.
Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: cluster w2k

HP certified cluster configuration for LC2000 servers and 3si controller for shared disks do not use 1M for local storage. Only emededded controller, 1si and 3si are recommended. You can find certified configuration on:
In case you insist on using 1M for local storage try following:
1. Reseat cards in your server according to cluster configuration manual, P1 local storage, P3 client lan, P5 shared storage.
2. If it does not help try setting dependency beetwen 1M and 1si driver in windows2000 to ensure that 1si driver is loaded before 1M driver. You can check: and;EN-US;Q171320 to see how to achieve this.
3. If nothing of this help try using disk manager to set permanent drive mapping in that way that partition on disk1 (your local disk) is assigned drive letter C and partition on disk0 (shared disk) some other letter.

If you manage to do something about it keep in mind that this is not HP supported cluster configuration.