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cold backup

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cold backup

I have 2x 72GB disks mirrored on 5312 SA controller and 1x72G disk configured as a spare (on same controller), and would like to create a cold Backup disk of the system and to put it on the shelve).
What is the best way to create a Backup Disk with this configuration (for DR purposes)?
If I take off second disk and spare, than will my server boot to OS?
After that if i remove the first disk (part of the mirror) and insert the second disk (my spare still offline) - should it boot properly from the second disk?
Now if I want to recreate original configuration, while the server online with the second disk in, I will insert the first disk, wait till controller rebuild the mirror (from the second) and than put back a hot spare.
I would like to know if this will work as I described, or I miss something.

Thank you very much
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Re: cold backup

why you have to do a backup disk and put it on the shelve?

as i understand, if one disk go down then the spare will take over. all you have to do is replace the defective one.

if you want to do it anyway just take one off the mirrored disks and replace it with the backup one.

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Re: cold backup

On your 1st question, I would use "dd".

If you take out your mirror and spare -- yes your server will still boot if you've quorom turned off. I assume you at least have a basic understanding of LVM and HPUX boot subsystem (familiarize yourself with lvlnboot, setboot.. etc).

Yes as well on booting off the 2nd disk -- and same suggestions -- keep yourself educated with LVM and boot stuff...

One you put the 1st disk back while booted off your 2nd disk, then you will need to resynch your mirrors.

If your idea of a DR is to use these pluggable disks (making regular copies of you rr=unning OS to a disk plugged to a disk cage D2100?) -- go ahead.. makes it soo easy to do DR.. you're on the right track.. but practice, practice and educate yourself on HPUX's boot sbsystem...
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