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command view XP 512 security for ports

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command view XP 512 security for ports


My setup im trying to setup correctly is the following:

I have 3 linux hosts that i want to see 4 luns each on an xp512 port. when i create the host hba group and add the wwn of the hba, and create the disk group and assign the luns to the disk group and enable LUN security through CV, i cannot see the luns assigned to that host. however, when i disable security for that port the host sees all the luns presented to that port.

what am i doing wrong here ??

Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: command view XP 512 security for ports

Your steps seems to be complete. I am putting the same in different words:

Steps to define LUN Security using Secure Manager - XP: This can be done using either Remote Control XP or Command View XP

1. Add WWN list for the port.
2. Create WWN groups (optional): Useful in cluster environments.
3. Create LUN groups (optional): Useful when several LUNS have a common access list.
4. Final step: Select which WWN/WWN groups have access to each LUN/LUN group.

Can you try the same using Remote Control XP instead of CommandView?

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