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cpqonlin shows "expanding" for going on 20 hrs

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

cpqonlin shows "expanding" for going on 20 hrs

In the process of upgrading a RAID5 Arrary on a 380. Existing was three 18.2 drives in RAID5. Added the new drive but it shows as expanding and has continued to show this for over 20 hrs now.

Changed arrary settings to medium after the process started.


WHY DOES CPQONLIN CRASH NETWARE: No matter what I run this on 380, 1600, 3000 2500 Smart2, 341, 3200 arrary every time I leave this thing open for more than 3 minutes it crashes the NW OS, Real Hard too.

Doesn't matter what flavor on CPQONLIN I run. Nice tool but I would like to be able to use during slack hours not off hours.